Slave Unit

by Slave Unit

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released September 1, 1996



all rights reserved


Slave Unit Oakland, California

Technology with an aggressive musicianship describes the formula of the Oakland, CA based band Slave Unit. Influenced by hardcore punk, industrial and hip hop music, Slave Unit's sound strikes you with powerful rhythms weighted with bass-heavy beats, original samples, and crunching guitars. The lyrics are often based on observations and reflections of human behavior and error. ... more

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Track Name: Deadweight Loss
It hurts so much
To see but never touch
The time slips by from me
Slipping on my pride

It’s deep, deep inside
These feelings I want to hide
These thoughts so clear
Are broken by my own fear

Nothing to understand
What’s left of this frail man?
Who’s he the one so weak
Whose thoughts are all so bleak?

It comes but never goes
It’s always me who sometimes knows
Of what I really am
I’m glad you understand

What’s left?
It hurts
So much
To see
But never touch
Track Name: Slow Time
your presence means nothing
without your touch
your voice will never mean
quite as much
i know it’s not real
real to think
it’s better off not knowing
not knowing a thing

you were right it not
meaning a thing
your eyes will now forever
forever sting
knowing that you could
never be there
hurts in a way
you could never care

alone i stand
and i stay
forever is an awful
price to pay
will i ever stand at the base
the base of your heart
not me i’m playing
a different part

i can never shake these thoughts
they might slow in time
but they will never
never die
Track Name: Stuck
moving through this space and time
the world means nothing to me
my thought are of anger and pain
cause that’s all i see

tradition tells me where
and my place to be
rusty are my thought of change
and they’re something i need

if i face the grain
will i parish and die
in your eyes of hate
no answers, no why

will i get to break this mold
or keep on drifting down
i’m screaming for some sort of change
but i’m not making a sound

limit in time
limit in mind
limit in life
i’m stuck
Track Name: Frostbite (Sterile Mix)
Dignity drops like flakes of skin
Forgive and forget I’m the victim
The blinders are ripped from my eyes
The front is now shown I can see the lies
Drowning in hope where’s the surface?
Where are my eyes? They’ve been stripped from my head
My ears shut off I can’t hear what you’ve said
The pain rips my mind never stopping for fear
I reach for myself my actions not clear
I choke on every word that I’ve said to you

You’ve sucked the life right out of me
I confronted you but you fail to see
That I’m tired and it’s getting fucking old
I want to break you and your fucking mold
I want to seize you, I want to break you
What can I do to get through to you?
Can’t you see what’s inside of me?
Are you going to suck the life out of me?

Stripped of my innocence I gave you my trust
Once a believer can you taste my disgust
What have you given me to remember you by?
Just painful reminders and a mouthful of lies
So many times I have trusted so many times I have fallen
Too many times I have trusted too many times I have fallen
I’ve fallen down, I’m falling down
Track Name: Think
i move where i want to move
i see what i want to see
i am everything my parents pay me to be
i fight for what is right
well at least for today
why don’t you listen to me
cause i got nothing to say

you got it you’ve got something for me
something to lead
something to lead me to me
you’re everything
so innocent so new
but try and take
and i’ll take it from you

i stand on what i know
you think i’m stupid
does it show
i’ve been there
well what do you know
i’m tired and don’t play
you and me are one in the same
do i care
do i care

you can’t make
you can’t make me
you can’t make
just make me think
Track Name: Shadow
I am infection, I am disease
I will take you, to your knees
I will not harm you, for I cannot
Your pain from others, will be brought
I am infection, I am within
I do not doubt you, you will give in
You will fuel me, as I move in
I do not doubt you, you will give in

I will fuck you, bring you to your knees
Drag you down my staircase, of pain and grief
A shallow mind fuck, a pool of doubt
A broken day dream, there’s no way out
I am infection, you know I’m there
You can’t ignore me, because you care
I’ll never leave you, you’re my best friend
My blood runs through you, until the end

I will fuck you, bring you to your knees
Drag you down my staircase, of pain and grief
A shallow mind fuck, a pool of doubt
A broken day dream, there’s no way out
You can’t erase me, go ahead and try
Because I’m with you, until you die
I am your daydream, I am what’s known
I am your flesh, I am your bone

I will infect you
Track Name: Life Unfolds
trying to
forget what i’ve done
it won’t go away
i try to make it go away
what have i done

won’t it stop
i try so hard to forget
from my mind
i don’t want you here
what have i done

i can’t see
i can’t feel
i can’t breath
just watch me bleed

i am beneath you
so far beneath you
i can’t feel you
just let me in